Agua Biopolar, a source of energy for your cells



Botanical active principles, carefully selected based on their purity



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Our treatments respect your hair and skin's original nature


Secretos del Agua™ corrects alterations in your skin and hair with our biological formula, which consists of Agua Biopolar™ and active botanical extracts.

Our salon products are amongst the most advanced currently on the market with their simple and efficient system created for daily use, which bridges the gap between beauty and health care, whether it be at home or in one of our salons.


Being more conscious allows us to connect with people and our reality, so we offer a wealth of healthy non-toxic products as well as being aware of avoiding these substances in your life and our salons.

A culture of real and not artificial beauty is what we strive for, within our salons and with our customers. This has proven to be valuable in attracting new customers as they will experience the best results from hair to skin.

Secretos del Agua contains…

Secretos del Agua™ attains top results without using petroleum based ingredients, acids or silicones.

Our Agua Biopolar™  is derived from pure mineral water which comes from mountains and then goes through a very complex bioenergetic activation process. This allows it to transmit order and information to the cell system.

Our active botanical extracts are obtained out of selected biologically healthy and biodegradable substances through a unique extraction system that follows the lunar cycles.


Trust that still, small voice that says, This might work and I'll try it

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Our blog is constantly updated with new and innovative articles on subjects related to both our products and our vision of “real beauty”. We strive to serve you content filled with natural products meant to encourage a toxic-free lifestyle and a healthy mind.

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