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Antiaging / Face Body
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Antiaging Facial Cleanser

It purifies the skin deeply while respecting its natural balance, keeping the skin hydrated and luminous. Ideal for all skin types.

Facial Peeling

Mild and balanced exfoliation, removes dead skin cells, without altering or damaging the skin and continually respecting its natural balance. Ideal for all skin types.

Vitaliser Fluid Anti-aging

Boosts hydration levels leaving the skin smooth to the touch. Provides the skin with nutrients at a cellular level, achieving a youthful and luminous glow. Ideal for all skin types.

INFOACTIVO™ Vitaliser Face Treatment

Our Vitaliser treatment is a powerful cell re-activator for dry skin and to reduce the signs of aging. A triple action system that optimises the moisture and nutrition levels, boosts the energy and generates the necessary order at a cellular level. By working on the cause of the formation of wrinkles and expression lines this improves the performance of this treatment. Use in conjunction with our Secretos del Agua™ products.

Antiaging Premium Cream

This potent cellular activating balm promotes elasticity and moisture and energetically enhances the skin’s tone and firmness, slowing down the signs of aging and working on the cause of wrinkles and expression lines. Ideal for all skin types.

Antiaging Vitaliser Cream

Smooth cream with a revitalising cell activator. It restores the skin’s flexibility, hydration and energy levels, minimising the signs of ageing. Ideal for skin with a tendency for dryness.

Antiaging “Oro Liquido” Facial Serum

Excellent combination of plant oils and extracts that provides the skin with maximum nutrition and nourishing at a cellular level. Our serum generates flexibility, restores moisture levels and minimises the signs of aging. Ideal for dry skin.

Antiaging Eye Contour Gel

Special eye and mouth gel created for those areas around eyes and mouth. Smooth to the touch, it provides skin with maximum nutrients and moisture at a cellular level. It restores flexibility and minimises the signs of ageing. Ideal as an extra form of nutrition for all skin types.

Antiaging Pack
30ml + 30ml + 100ml

It includes Antiaging Face Cleanser, INFOACTIVO™ Vitaliser Face Treatment and Antiaging Vitaliser Cream.

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