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Antiaging Treatment

Recent research shows that the aging process of our skin begins at 25 years of age. Our day to day lifestyle’s attributes to this including our genetic and hormonal makeup. As well as this, mental and emotional factors accelerate the signs of aging. These elements increase known signs of aging such as wrinkles, sagging and a lack of firmness, which is caused by the loss of proteins. The skin’s outer layer thickens, losing elasticity and the ability to retain moisture, leading to dry and flaky skin.

Real Results 

The Antiaging Treatment helps retain moisture, minimising wrinkles and fine lines.
It aids in the reduction of the pores.
It increases elasticity, turgor and firmness.

Salon Treatments

Antiaging Facial Biotherapy
Powerful face biotherapy inspired by quantum physics that generates vitality and energy at a cellular level through the use of our Agua Bipolar™. Our liquid treatment has a nanostructure that stimulates the skin, slowly returning it back to its original state. Its biological composition is infused with white quartz and hematite activators, boosting the cells ability to retain moisture. This increases the regeneration of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acids substantially, leaving the skin smooth with a renewed vitality.

Each cycle comprises six sessions (2-1-1-2) and lasts for twenty eight days. Cycles can be repeated as often as necessary, in a cumulative action.

Active Botanical Elements

Biosynthesis Hyaluronic Acid
“Molecular sponge”, hydration, firmness and plasticity.

Alga Enteromorpha
Creates cellular balance promoting collagen synthesis and reducing wrinkles and expression lines.

Balances cellular hydration and elasticity levels providing a protective effect.

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