Reusable Cotton Pads



Kind on the skin, this set of two reusable cotton pads are made from 100% cotton to gently cleanse the skin as well as to exfoliate and improve blood circulation. Leaving the skin exceptionally soft and smooth. The most environmentally friendly option to take care of your skin and of the environment.


They come in a laundry bag that is also made with eco-friendly organic cotton.

How to use:

Use on your face, neck, and eyes with your usual makeup remover or cleanser.

Our commitment

Our mission is to empower not only your skin and hair in the most valuable ways, but at the same time to have a positive impact on the environment always trying to find ways to continuously improve our sustainability practices. It’s not just about the results of the product, it’s about how the product is produced and to minimize our enviromental impact.

Organic and Biodegradable
Agua Biopolar™
Ecological Botanical Actives

Secretos del Agua’s formulas are free from chemicals and toxic preservatives. Colours, textures, and scents may change over time due to being organic formulas, but it won’t change neither the effectiveness nor quality of the product.

Find everything about the ingredients that we use in our products.

    • Our main active. It originates as pure mountain water, which undergoes a complex bio-energetic process of exposure to cosmic waves to obtain a liquid substance that has a highly ordered and stable molecular structure, which contains a strong source of energy.

    • Hand wash after every single use.

      Once a week wash the cotton pads inside the organic cotton laundry bag at 40 degrees in the washing machine.