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Cell Activity

Because of its great potential, cell activity can be felt inside your skin, giving a slight “tingling” feeling. If you have a sensitive scalp it is wise to choose Sensitive Line products.

Colour Protection

To ensure optimal results in colouring, the Porosity and pH Balancer Regulator should be used.

Oily Hair

In greasy hair or hair that is saturated with synthetic residues (hair masks, gels, foams, silicones, etc.) an excess of oil may temporarily appear due to the active role of the Detox Line.

Treatment Application

The hair treatments of Secretos del Agua™ are to be combed through with a fine comb, to correctly distribute the bionutritional material. This application system significantly increases the results.

Aroma and Appearance

Our aromas are very different from traditional aromas, as they are derived from the active elements of the botanical formulations. Due to their purity, the colour appearance of these active elements may change slightly over time, but this does not alter its quality.


Do not store at temperatures above 25°C.
IMPORTANT: In no case should the product dispenser be forced open, as this may lead to contaminating the product.

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