Sculpture, Relaxing, Draining / Face Body


Sculpture, Relaxing, Draining Treatment / Face Body
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Premium Sculpture Cream

A powerful cellular action balm which acts strongly on visible skin imperfections. Anticellulite, drainage and firming corrector treatment. Instant visible results.

Body Treatment INFOACTIVE™ Premium Sculpture

A powerful triple action reducer, with an anti-cellulite and firming action. It boosts the energy function and generates the necessary order at a cellular level. It works on the cause of the formation of skin irregularities (orange peel, cellulite…). The results are visible immediately.

Body Peeling

Smooth and balanced exfoliation. It removes dead skin cells, without altering or damaging the skin and respecting its natural balance. Ideal for all skin types.

Breast Cream

Breast firming cream: formulated with the best botannical actives originating in Africa and Australia, such as Macelignan or Kigelia extract, known as the fertility tree in the African savanna.

Such botanical actives together with the Biopolar WaterTM act at molecular level to increase production of new cells inside the breast, thus promoting density increase and creating more volume in an efficient and visible manner. Furthermore, they have reaffirming effects on the tissues, developing a firm and attractive breast. Recommended for healthy breasts, with no pre-existing medical conditions that have not undergone any type of surgery.

Pack Sculptor
100ml + 100ml + 100ml

Includes Bath Gel Sensitive, Body Treatment INFOACTIVE™ Premium Sculpture and Premium Sculpture Cream.


Body Relaxing Cream

An excellent combination of soothing actions to create a balance for specific stressful moments of muscle tension or overload.

Bath Gel Sensitive

Silky bodywash gel. Especially suitable for people who cannot use conventional bodywash gel. It is ideal for sensitive, itchy and reddened skin.

Body Nourishing Cream – Silk Skin

A nourishing, creamy fluid which balances the skin to maintain a perfect level of hydration. It smoothes and adds vitality to the skin.


Perfect Legs Cream

A calming creamy fluid, which soothes and favours the drainage of fluids and toxins. The result is an effective decongestant and tonic effect.

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