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Sensitive Treatment

Stress, the lack of oxygen due to synthetic substances deposited by conventional cosmetics and the action of oxidative dyes, often generate scalp flaking and irritability. The Sensitive Treatment calms, relaxes and balances the skin temperature, slowing its irritability while it strengthens the defenses of the hair root’s cellular systems.

Real Results

 It calms and balances the ‘distressed’ scalp: itching, flaking, etc.
 It increases the protection of the skin against the alterations induced by colouring and dyes (chemical damage in general).

Salon Treatments

Sensitive Treatment INFOACTIVE™
Balancing and calming treatment especially for sensitive, distressed or irritated scalps..

Botanical Active Elements

An anti-inflammatory and a natural substitute of steroids.

Cell regenerator, healing and soothing.

Strengthening provides turgor and regulates the skin’s bacterial flora.

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