We promote a great change of awareness through scientific research on the properties of water. We are passionate about offering a true beauty system with no harm for the hair, the skin nor the enviroment.


Secretos del Agua combines Agua Biopolar™, a system that transmits information at a cellular level, with pure Botanical Actives to amplify the skin's own properties of regeneration, balance and repair.

The botanical ingredients of Secretos del Agua helps to improve skin's transpiration and purifies the toxicity at a celular level. Secretos del Agua restores the skin's physical barrier without harming its vital functions, as well as increases its moisturize and strengthens the most sensitive skins. Furthermore, the skin can absorb all our ingredients without leaving residues.


Secretos del Agua is a research-based organisation that has discovered a new high potential source of energy in water, which is able to transform the skin from its cells, with scientifically endorsed results.

Nuestra Misión

Since our origins we are commited to give back to the community by selecting specific social projects. Our commitment goes beyond providing the best skin and hair treatment, it 's also about being ethical and sustainable.

Our mission is to built awareness towards a more beautiful, healthy and respectful world for people and the environment. It’s not just about the results of the product, it’s about how the product is produced and how we can minimize our enviromental impact.

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Agua Biopolar™

It is the main active of Secretos del Agua. Agua Biopolar™ is a a liquid substance containing high potential energy and organized molecular structures that helps to balance the body, which allows to transform the skin from its cells.

Our healthy beauty treatments act beyond the physical barrier of the skin, purifying and boosting its energy and vitality thanks to its exclusive formulas based on Agua Biopolar™ and Botanical Actives.

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Activos Botánicos

Get to know our Botanical Actives. At Secretos del Agua we elaborate our products using both ancient knowledge based on nature's rythms and the latest scientific research.

Our Botanical Actives are sourced from our own sustainable and biodynamic farm where are selected thoroughly the plants since its origin. We respect both the rhythms of nature and the astronomical cycles in order to achieve the highest purity and results.

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Science at the heart of beauty

Secretos del Agua research team has discovered Agua Biopolar™, a liquid substance that originates as pure mountain water, which undergoes a complex bio-energetic process that provides a strong source of energy to the body by boosting its depurative and regenerative processes at a cellular level.

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