Desmaquillante de Ojos Waterproof

Desmaquillante de Ojos Waterproof

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The ENERGY of water will transform your skin

The SENSITIVITY of water soothes your skin

Natural and Sustainable Beauty Products: Welcome to Healthy Beauty Culture

Secretos del Agua natural cosmetic products


Secretos del Agua is a research-based organisation that has discovered a new powerful energy source contained in water. Biopolar Water™, the main ingredient of our cosmetics, is capable of transforming the skin from within the cell itself with scientifically proven results.

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The Secretos del Agua research team’s discovery of Biopolar Water™.

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Secretos del Agua cosmetics without chemicals

Organic Skincare Products

Science-based skincare that's without chemicals and with healthy ingredients that don’t just impact your skin.

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Secretos del Agua sustainable cosmetics

Conscious Beauty

Our Mission is to create a more beautiful, healthy and sustainable world.

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Personalised diagnosis

Discover the perfect natural cosmetics routine for your skin and hair. Visit one of our Secretos del Agua Salons and ask for a free personalised diagnosis.


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Discover Secretos del Agua beauty salons and experience the brand’s sustainable beauty products alongside our knowledgeable professionals.

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