We treat skin and hair alterations from their deepest origins

In the course of history, aesthetics has been moving away from its original function of healing, focusing only on beauty work.

Any method, no matter how invasive, has been accepted to achieve results only on the outside, without assessing the real problem, its lasting effects and side effects.

With Integrative Remedies we recover the true human sense of aesthetics, treating beauty from the inside through superior elements of nature: planets, minerals and plants in their interaction with our organs and skin.

The research team at Secretos del Agua has formulated the Integrative Remedies by combining BiopolarTM Water with organic botanical active ingredients of the highest purity that have been selected, extracted and dosed by merging ancestral knowledge of biodynamics with the latest trends in integrative medicine.

Each of the Integrative Remedies is associated with an organ of the human body and an emotional state. They work directly on:

The cellular system. Through the skin, the organism activates its vital energy.

The neuro-sensory system. Massage it in the area where the corresponding organ is located.

Many of the alterations that our skin can present are a consequence of imbalances in the organism, in the same way some of those emotional instabilities manifest themselves in a physical form.

At Secretos del Agua we work at a holistic level, always trying to achieve the best results in each of our treatments, both in the beauty salon and at home.

In order to obtain much faster and more effective results by working on any alteration from its origin, we have incorporated the application of Integrative Remedies to our Biotherapies in the cabin.