Muds and Oils

A new Color Culture

A natural coloration: NEO Muds

Secretos del Agua research team has succeeded in creating a natural hair color that respects you and the environment: a new color culture, without ammonia, that does not damage the hair and creates a protective layer.

NEO Hair Mud is a perfect blend of minerals and plant extracts such as Indigo, Camellia and Linseed, pigments specially selected for their affinity with hair keratin.

The professionals in our salons have extensive training that allows them to select these pigments to achieve an absolutely personalized coloring with Muds for each type of hair, whether in the range of blondes, browns or brunettes. In this way we obtain unique colors, specially designed for each person, taking into account your natural color, even when you are looking to add strength and shine to your hair.


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tratamiento aminoproteico Secretos del Agua

Smooth and shiny hair: Aminoproteico Treatment

NEO products are formulated to meet the needs of our customers, while respecting and caring for the hair. That’s why we are constantly researching to formulate innovative and health-conscious products.

The latest addition to the family is NEO Forma Amino Protein Treatment. Formulated from organic active ingredients, it becomes a powerful smoothing with anti-frizz effect, while protecting from external aggressions and preventing hair breakage.